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With the dedicated help of an small, but mighty army of volunteers (pictured at right at Volunteer Appreciation Sunday), Hissom Interdenominational Mission operates a Food Pantry, distributing food baskets to needy persons each Tuesday from 1-6 PM, every Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays and whenever a need presents itself. Last year over 30,000 lbs of food were distributed to over 9,200 needy households in the area.

The food distributed is received as gifts-in-kind from businesses, food resource programs, and other ministry programs. Much of our supplies come from Huntington Area Food Bank, and America's Second Harvest. However, if you would like to partnerr with us in our efforts to stamp out hunger in 2008, in World Hunger Year, please email director@hissommission.org  We believe solutions to hunger and poverty can be found at the grassroots level and that communities have the ability to provide for themselves if equipped with the proper resources.  The importance and potential of community-based organizations fighting to end hunger and poverty cannot be stressed enough.

"I came to help one day. And stayed," notes one volunteer. We hear that comment all the time from volunteers at HIM. Some came the first time to give thanks for help that they or their family had once received, others came because they share our vision of ending hunger in the Kanwha Valley, and still others stumbled on us by accident.  

Without them, the HIM Food Pantry would not work! In 2007, volunteers contributed 10,000 hours to support HIM's efforts to feed hungry people. It’s their hard work that lets HIM distribute 300,000 plus lbs of food each year.  Dozens of volunteers are needed to help sort, bag and distribute food and thrift store items, yet at this time it is being done by a mighty army of less than 20.  This is a great opportunity for individuals or even corporate groups who want to do something for their community and friends but are not sure what to do.

If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information on what we need, please fill in the form below or email pantry@hissommission.org. Thank you and God Bless You!